JHS Effects Pollinator - Hand Painted

Since the early days of Rock & Roll no other pedal has made its way onto more recordings, stages and rigs than the classic Fuzz Face. The Pollinator is JHS's take on a classic design but with some huge improvements.

The original Fuzz Face as well as most other companies takes on the design have very low output volume, so they tripled the available headroom!

You can achieve a wider range of tones now because even at lower gain settings the volume you need is there, another addition is an external bias knob, this allows you to fine-tune just the right amount of power to the perfectly hand matched germanium AC128 transistors inside.

The bass is tight and focused but still classic and the highs are as crisp as anything we’ve ever heard in a vintage design. This Fuzz cleans up better with your guitars volume than any of our others if your into that! Germanium fuzz with more mojo than a velvet painting of Hendrix!

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