2013 Fender '57 Custom Tweed Twin Reissue

The 5E8A Fender Twin is one of the most praised circuit revisions of this classic amp, with a single 12AY7 and three 12AX7 preamp tubes that deliver that characteristic Fender 'tweed' era sound. This '57 Custom reissue is a part by part recreation of those original amps, with a tone that covers pristine, clear, three-dimensional clean tones and smooth, overdriven blues tones effortlessly. The independent bass, treble and presence controls sculpt your sound, with a simple design layout that offers a huge range of usable tones. 

This amp is in excellent all original condition with barely any signs use. The original capacitors have been upgraded with Jupiter Yellow Vintage replacements, making the amp sound closer to an original '50s model. 

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