1997 Parker Fly Classic


Parker guitars are some of the more unique instruments to come out of the guitar industry, with a design that truly tried to reinvent the electric guitar and incorporate a range of technological developments. This 1997 Parker Fly Classic is a wonderfully playable and lightweight instrument. Parker Fly Classic models feature a Mahogany body along with a composite carbon fibre exoskeleton design, making them extremely lightweight and resonant, while retaining the traditional Mahogany body found on many electric guitars. The neck features a carbon fibre fingerboard and stainless steel frets, and a unique vibrato system that allows the player to set it to a fixed bridge, a bend down only vibrato or a free float vibrato. The vibrato also features a wheel set in to the body to allowing you to easily adjust the tension of the tailpiece. The body is fitted with a set of custom made DiMarzio 'Gen 1' Parker hum buckers that have a balanced and crystal clear tone, both clean and overdriven. 

This guitar has been given a full service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. Also included is the original Parker branded Hiscox hard case. 

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