1996 Levinson Blade

Founded in 1987 by luthier Gary Levinson, the Blade series of guitars are some of the finest instruments to come out of Japan in the '90s, combining classic guitar designs with forward thinking features. Designed by Levinson in Switzerland, this 1996 Blade is one of the Texas series models, incorporating some of the more vintage and traditional aspects you would expect to see in a Strat style guitar. 

The Alder body is fitted with a set of custom designed single coil pickups that have a classic '60s style Strat sound. One of the innovations of these Blade instruments is the Variable Spectrum Control preamp, allowing the player to dial in a frequency boost or cut across the tonal range with the mini toggle switch found next to the pickup selector. The frequency can be fine tuned from a small cavity on the back of the body, and opens up a huge range of tonal options. Other features include a comfortable 'C' profile maple neck, vintage Fender style top loading tuning pegs, and a smooth synchronised tremolo bridge. 

This guitar has been given a full service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. Also included is the original Parker branded Hiscox hard case. 

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