1993 Electro Harmonix Sovtek Big Muff

First introduced in 1969, the Electro Harmonix Big Muff has become arguably the most popular, or at least most well known guitar effects pedal in the world, having appeared on countless recordings and found itself at the feet of millions of guitar players. It's warm, sustaining Fuzz sound is unmistakable, and has spawned hundreds of clones and reinterpretations over the year. This 1993 Sovtek made 'Green Russian' Big Muff is a wonderful example of an early '90s, Russian made Big Muff.

By the early 1980's, Electro Harmonix was out of business as the rise of digital, compact effects and rack units became the thing to have. As the price of vintage Electro Harmonix units shot up Mike Matthews decided to start up the Electro Harmonix operation again, making a small range of pedals in an ex-munitions factory outside of St Petersburg, Russia. The Big Muff was reborn, and these Sovtek made units gained cult status over the years, being used by the likes of Sonic Youth, J Mascis and a host of other '90s alternative musicians. 

This 1993 Big Muff is one of the first editions of the 'Tall Font' model. These models are distinguishable by not only their taller, thinner font than later runs, but also their incredibly flakey paint, as can be seen from the pictures. Tonally, these early 'Green Russian' Big Muffs have a lower gain than the earlier USA made models, and have a fatter mid range and low end response that makes the equally popular with bass players. 

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