1971 Fender Competition Mustang

Originally introduced as Fender's mid '60s flagship student model, the Fender Mustang has become a favourite of players of all styles due to its comfortable short scale design and its unique sound, due in part to the pickup phase switching only found on this model. 

This 1971 Mustang is a fantastic example of a later 'Competition' series of Mustang guitars produced by Fender from 1969 to 1973, comprised of Orange, Red and Blue (or 'Burgundy' as per the Fender catalog) finishes with a 'Competition' racing stripe on the body. This guitar is an example of the Blue / Burgundy model, with a darker shaded edge around the blue body. These edges originally had a more purple hue when sprayed, and a far more vibrant blue look to the finish on the rest of the body, although this darkened and faded as the clear lacquer top coat yellowed over time and is more or less visible depending on the condition of the specific guitar. This Mustang still retains its darker shaded edge, and the more vibrant blue contrast can be seen both under the guard and in the neck pocket. The electronics and all other hardware are original, including the ash tray bridge cover that you rarely find have stayed with their respective guitars.  

This Mustang is in excellent cosmetic condition, with only the most minor signs of play wear to the finish. The neck has a comfortable profile with plenty of life left in the frets, and the pickups and electronics are original with the pots dating to the middle of 1967. This guitar also includes its original export case. 

This guitar has been given a full service and appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. Please enquire for any internal pictures. 

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