1966 Gretsch 6150

The Valco made Gretsch amps of the 1960's are some of the less appreciated vintage amps out there, offering and incredible tone and vintage vibe for a fraction of the price of their Fender counterparts. This 1966 Gretsch 6150 is one such amplifier, with a compact design and powerful, versatile sound. Designed and manufactured for Gretsch by Valco, the 6150 & 6150T (tremolo) models are identical counterparts to the Supro 'Super' 1606 & 1606T models that have become so collectible in recent years, although the Gretsch amps feature upgraded hardware, grill cloth, and tolex. As with the Supro versions, this Gretsch 6150 is a mighty thing for such a small amp, and can deliver some potent overdriven crunch when cranked up. The circuit is based around a simple 12ax7, 6V6, 5Y3 tube pairing that is simple but effective. The 8" Jensen speaker sounds smooth and bright at lower volumes, while responding very well when the amp is at its most raucous, with the 6150 having plenty of headroom on tap for a small amp. 

This amp is in very good condition, and features both some original parts along with parts that have been replaced in its life. The transformer and Jensen speaker are both original, along with the tolex and grill cloth. It appears the some tone & filtering caps have been replaced with modern equivalents, along with some resistors. There is also a combination of cloth wire and plastic wire, which would suggest the plastic wire has been added later. This amp runs at 110V US power, but is sold with an external step down transformer. 

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