1966 Fender Telecaster


This 1966 Fender Telecaster is a fantastic example of a mid '60s Telecaster from the companies so called 'transition' era, as the new CBS ownership, and the changes to production that would bring, start to take more of an effect. This Telecaster features an Alder body and Maple neck with a typically comfortable mid '60s 'C' shaped profile. The round laminated veneer rosewood fretboard features the pearloid dot fret markers that became standard with Fender from 1964 onwards, and the guitar features a neck heel stamp of April 66. The original single coil pickups feature all the clarity and top end you would expect from a telecaster bridge, with the traditional mellow sound from the neck position. 

This guitar is in excellent condition and is internally and externally original, with the exception of a changed volume pot. The custom colour finish is original and in wonderful condition, with only the smallest amounts of wear showing the finishing process of this particular colour, with the with the separation between red lacquer and metallic gold coats being showcased perfectly.

The original pickups are correct and all hardware is original, including the double line Kluson tuners, ashtray bridge cover and white plastic 3 ply pick guard.

This guitar has been given a full service and appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty.

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