1963 Gibson J-45

This is a fantastic example of an early '60s Gibson J-45, with an open, punchy tone and nicely aged Cherry Sunburst finish. This 1963 J-45 is in great condition, with a tone and feel found only on the best Gibson Flat tops of this period. Constructed from Spruce and Mahogany with a set Mahogany neck, this guitar features minor amounts of play wear and patina, as is to be expected from an instrument of this age. As with many Gibson acoustic of this period, it has a full bodied and focused sound, and responds beautifully to open chord and fingerstyle playing alike. The neck has a full profile that flattens out around the back, more commonly associated with the neck profile of Gibson acoustics in 1964. The original single line Kluson tuners are present and correct, as is the thinner celluloid pick guard found on guitars in this year.

The most interesting feature of this guitar is its original wooden bridge, as Gibson switched J-45 models to the plastic adjustable bridge around the stat of '63. This bridge would appear to be original to the guitar, with the bridge plate on the underside of the top not having the usual extra holes found on guitars the have been converted from a plastic bridge to a wooden bridge. We assume this guitar left the factory at the tail end of 1963, as Gibson began to phase out the plastic moulded bridge design.  

This guitar is in very good, original condition, with only minor signs of play wear to speak of. All hardware is original, with the only change being the addition of two stickers spelling 'AD' on the pick guard, presumably added by a previous owner. There is evidence that the bridge may have been reseated at some point. The guitar has also benefitted from a refret.

This guitar has been given a full service and appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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