1956 National Tremo-Tone

Although better known for their pre-war resonator instruments, National produced some of the coolest and most unique guitars and amplifiers of the '50s and '60s whilst under the Valco family of brands, combining Americana infused mid century style with a tone not found on the Fender or Gibson amps of the time. 

This 1956 National Tremo-Tone is an excellent example of one such amp, with a powerful, smooth tone that belies its smaller size. The 6V6 powered, 6 tube design pushes out 12 watts of tube tone, with the signature valve breakup that makes these Valco made amps so sought after. The amp features 3 inputs all voiced slightly differently, with the '50s style deep and warbly tremolo usable on all channels. The cabinet is fitted with a set of original Rola made 7x11 oval field speakers, with the original low voltage transformer fitted to the back of one speaker to power the moving coil. 

This amp is in good condition for it's age and sounds fantastic. It has been painted black over the original tweed finish at some point, but retains the original National 'soaring bird' grill cloth. Internally it appears to be original with the exception of the tubes and a replacement three prong power cord, and it retains its original 110V USA transformer, meaning a step down transformer will be required to power it. 

This product is currently on hold.

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