Catalinbread Epoch Boost


Coming off the back of their best selling Belle Epoch tape echo delay pedal, the Catalinbread Epoch Boost recreates the famed second half of those original Echoplex units - the 'always on' preamp stage. As much as the original Maestro Echoplex EP-3 units were renowned for their echo sound, the preamp circuit has a character all of its own when it comes to adding colour to your tone, and was a major contributor to the classic guitar tones of players like Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and plenty of others. The Catalinbread Epoch Boost perfectly captures that polished sound, internally recreating that original circuit with NOS Orange Drop capacitors, conveniently housed in pedal form. 

The Preamp control sets the level of the EP-3 tone, described by Catalinbread as adding a ready 'mastered' quality to your guitar signal. Combined with the Boost control, the Epoch Boost has up to 20db of crystal clear clean boost on tap. Like those original units, the Epoch Boost internally converts your 9V DC pedal power supply to 22V, offering plenty of headroom for sweetly driving amplifier tubes. Internally, the Epoch Boost is fitted with a switchable input buffer. 

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